SULCA product specification

SULCA Product Specification (V2.0 12.5.2021)

This is a general technical specification that defines the software products available from the Supplier of the SULCA software. The licensor is the Finnish Association for Decentralized Information (THTH ry.). The software is provided as executable program, program libraries and example data files. Software and documentation are delivered via Internet.

SULCA® – software for life cycle assessment and footprint calculation

SULCA is a LCA software tool developed by LCA specialists at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland as well as by software developers at Semantum Oy. Sulca software maintenance and further development is currently managed by the Simantics division of the THTH association. THTH ry. is a registered association in Finland.

SULCA allows the user to perform life-cycle inventory (LCI) calculations and impact assessment (LCIA) modelling, as well as to present the modelling results in a comprehensible manner through the reports and charts. With SULCA, calculation of carbon, water and other environmental footprints is easy.

SULCA version 5.1:

The latest SULCA version available is 5.1. SULCA 5.1 has the highly visual and easy-to-use features for which the previous versions are well known, along with a new and improved user interface that helps the user to perform reliable and easily understandable LCAs and its’ applications. In addition, a lot of new user-friendly possibilities to make evaluation and calculation efficient and clear. Special features of SULCA 5.1 include the following:

  • Comprehensive user interface
    • fast and flexible
    • highly visual and easy-to-use
    • efficient for modelling and evaluation
  • A flexible equation editor
  • Closed loops and allocation methods
  • Database compatibility with:
    • Ecoinvent v2 and v3
    • ELCD
    • Excel Import and Export support.
    • Other databases via the Simantics platform
  • Automatic checking procedure for mathematical validation
  • Multiple-level flow sheets (agglomerated or non-agglomerated)
  • FMI v. 1 export support
  • Enhanced connectivity and data transfer with simulation and design software. Enabling, a new level of connectivity possibilities and addressing current needs to use several software and databases together.

SULCA 5.1 license includes the software and a user manual. The software user interface (UI) consists of three windows: flow sheet (see figure below), charts and reporting.

Figure 1. Simplified example of modelling life cycle of Steel mug with help of SULCA Flowsheet

Scopes of Use

SULCA software has the following scopes of use:

  • BUS: Business license is intended for any commercial use of the software.
  • EDU: Education license limits the use strictly to public educational purposes (including thesis work). SULCA models developed, and other relevant research reports shall be available for the Supplier.

SULCA License Types

There is one SULCA license type:

  • SU: Single-user license allows for one stand-alone installation for a single user on a specified computer. The computer is identified by a machine id generated by the SULCA installation program. License duration is one year after which the license needs to be renewed.

New versions of the Software may be released from time to time. New versions are available for the user to update during the duration of the purchased license.

Requirements on SULCA user's hardware and software

The software runs on computers with Windows 10 (64-bit) with 500MB of free hard disk space.  Exported FMUs can be run on Linux. Contact your Supplier if you must run SULCA on a specific unsupported version.

Additional Services 

Training of end users

Training on the use of the SULCA software is available from the Supplier. The training may be agreed to take place either at the end user's or Supplier's site or virtually over the internet.

Consulting services 

Consulting services for your development projects may be ordered from the Supplier. For example, per day basis services at your site are available. Occurred travelling and lodging costs for the experts involved will be charged separately.

Further information about SULCA or please contact your supplier.