Model Broker DEXPI Viewer General Specification

Product description

MB DEXPI Viewer is a visualization tool for piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) in DEXPI format. It is a desktop application that offers P&IDs visualization interfaces as well as views to inspect the diagram elements’ properties and their connections.


Functional description

After importing DEXPI files, MB DEXPI viewer users can browse the diagrams and select different P&ID elements such as equipment, instrumentation, or pipeline components, and see their corresponding properties. Multiple DEXPI files can be imported and selected for their visualization using the P&ID browser. Additionally, MB DEXPI Viewer interface also offers a debugging view to analyze connectivity of the diagram. This is targeted to aid the user to verify that components seemingly connected on the visualized diagram graphics are also correctly connected on the corresponding DEXPI file. MB DEXPI Viewer does not have features to edit the content of the DEXPI file. This application includes a user manual.


Supported DEXPI files

MB DEXPI Viewer supports DEXPI files that use Proteus schema versions 3.3.3, 3.3.6, 4.0.1 and 4.1.1.


Model Broker DEXPI Viewer license types

MB DEXPI viewer software is provided as an installer delivered via the internet. It requires the purchase of a license. There are two types of licenses available. The license validity period is fixed to one year (12 months), regardless of the license type purchased. The license is node locked to the computer where the installation is done. The license types are the following:

Standard Online License: to be used in workstations with persistent connection to the internet. Internet connection is required to check license validity. License check is performed periodically. 

Offline License: to be used in workstations which do not have internet connection. This license must be requested directly from MB development team; thus, license delivery time might be longer compared to the Standard Online License. Therefore, Standard Online License is preferred.


Model Broker DEXPI Viewer hardware and software requirements

MB DEXPI Viewer can be installed and used in the following platforms:

-Windows 7 and later